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Yasmine in Control and Domination

Bill Wick

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So what happens when a 5'8" 135 lb. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion tangles with a 5'9" 180 lb. strong guy? It is a classic case of strength vs skill, so you know what happens don't you? Her long thighs wrap around him with pythonic force crushing the breath from his lungs and squeezing his head and neck with knockout pressure. Her power is in her butt and thigh muscles and when those powerful muscles capture her victim.... he is as helpless as a rat in the coils of a python snake. You will see the terror on his face as he tries to survive ... "The Brazilian Women's Death Squeeze".

I used to think muscle (like the bodybuilders I use in my videos) meant strength... it is length more than strength and this Woman has 37" long legs and 38" muscle hips and when those muscles contract around a man she can crush him... take a look, it's mostly scissors done in a sexy killing manner.

She loves to control and dominate with silky deadly muscle and attitude. You will see her attitude in a short scene in the weight room a very feisty critter who loves to squeeze you helpless... take a look... for your own good.

36 min | 139 megs | Just ... $24 19.95!

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