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This is a great rematch between April Hunter and her challenger K Dynomite. Back in the ring once more together these two women are really something to watch and admire. Red Headded Ex-WWE Pro Wrestling April Hunter comes with great wins from her past while Blondie K Dynomite is just creating her name in the women's wrestling venue.

From the start, one would think April has the upper hand, but hey wait . . don't count out the K Dynomite . . . she comes back in some very surprising ways. Sit back and enjoy and watch these two women go at each other . . . no holds barred . . . it's do or die!!!

April Hunter is relentless in the abuse and punishment she is dishing out to K Dynomite in this video. Hairpulling, neck holding, ring post kicking, scissor painful holding, it goes on and on and on . . lifting and dropping this poor little blonde and moping the ring with her cute sweet body! You will want to go after April after you see this one! Non stop action that you will not wanna see stop!!!

This grande finale to a very exciting ring match will leave you utterly breathless! K Dynomite starts reeling back at mean April Hunter, scissoring her, rope kicking, pile drive summersalting . . . this little blonde is very fiesty in her revealing back. April still shines thru all this, suplexing, splashing, back breaking . . . whew!!! So much abuse this little girl can take and still keep coming at April. April also loves to flaunt her awesome breasts and does some incredible pec bouncing for all you fans out there!!!

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