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Iron Belles

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Kidd Dynomite is bored and wants to play with a Muscle Girl. She calls an agency and orders one over. And boy oh boy did she get a Muscle Girl! The thickest, most muscular and leanest one out there today guys!

In walks Ms. Extreme Muscle strutting her stuff, showing off everything in a very very see-thru fishnet mini dress with crotch less thong on. Wow!! What a sight to behold. Kidd Dynomite just cannot contain herself. She immediately starts touching, kissing and worshipping her muscle girl. Ms Extreme Muscle then goes thru many awesome lifts n carries with Kidd Dynomite, showing off her amazing strength that also pumps up her incredible muscles. Bear Hug, Fireman's carry, front and back piggyback carry, shoulder carry, donkey calf raises . . . all show off the amazing physique that Ms. Extreme Muscle has built up thru the years.

Ms. Extreme Muscle is really enjoying playing with Kidd Dynomite. She jumps on her on the couch and locks her massive muscular thighs around the little girl so that there is no escape. But Kidd Dynomite can take the pain and punishment. She loves to be dominated by Muscle Women! Finally after all the couch wrestling is aside, Ms. Extreme Muscle picks up Kidd Dynomite and carries her off to the bed where the REAL fantasy wrestling begins. Pure power vs punyism!

It's so fun and refreshing to see these two enjoying themselves!! The girlz have themselves a grand time in bed . . . Ms. Extreme Muscle fantasy wrestling Kidd Dynomite, doing various leg lifts that will blow your mind! Also some awesome female muscle worshipping going on, pec pounding, and finally the Big Giant Clit comes out on top, literally!! Ms Extreme Muscle bares this great jewel for Kidd Dynomite to see and worship and adore. She tells her and demonstrates how she got it that huge! Then Ms Extreme Muscle decides she wants to take Kidd Dynomite home with her and keep her so she picks her up and carries her away!!!

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