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Naadia is very hot n bothered by the rumors this guy is spreading about her saying that she is better than everyone else and she has got an egotistical attitude. Well . . . watch how she deals with him. Grabbing him around the throat, tossing him to the ground, stripping him naked, lifting him up and carrying him around like he is nothing, jumping on top of him and showing him just how much better she really is. Perhaps the rumors are true after all . . . but don't tell her that!!!

Naadia is continuing to abuse her male friend for spreading rumors about her around. She already has him naked and she starts to strip down, continuing to toss him back and forth, lift him up and carry him around to show her superiority over him, then toss him back on the ground with more scolding!

Naadia strips down to the buff for the grand finale of this video. She has had it with this man spreading bad rumors of her so she makes him worship her awesome buff body. But she is not happy with how he is doing it so she throws him to the ground and proceeds to put him in painful wrestling holds, both naked and showing off her strength and incredible ebony nude physique. Front and reverse head scissors, school boy pins, she actually picks him up from the floor in a headlock, throws him to the couch and storms out of the room!!!

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