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Iron Belles

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Two Aggressive Dommes meet face to face for the very first time in an action packed video that will make you hold on to your seat! Ashlee Chambers and Saharra Huxly are brilliant in their dominance against each other . . . Saharra 6'2" 210lbs and Blonde Ashlee 5'2" 140lbs but packing a mean and aggresive streak that's hard to believe.

Watch the two bicker amongst themselves until Saharra picks up Ashlee and carries her off to the other side of the mats. That's when the REAL action begins and it's non stop. The women go after each other on the mats, scissoring , breast smothering, headlocking and clit fingering/banging. Ya just gotta see it to believe it!!! Both Dommes are at battle here bu soon realize they love each others' clits the most. Between the fighting there is some awesome pussy eating between the two until finally Amazon Saharra picks up Ashlee and carries her away to a more intimate setting. She performs some lifts n carries on Ashlee which is nothing forSaharra. Then it's down on the ground for some very sensual face sitting and clit pulling. You don't wanna miss this one!!!

These two Dominant women are so sexually hot together it will make you sweat your pants right off! From clit sucking during face sitting, to clit fucking and fingering to sensual wrestling holds and finally on the couch where Amazon Saharra has Ashlee sit on her lap where they kiss ferociously and Saharra fingers Ashlee and keeps bringin her to climax! Woweeeee! You will have to take a cold shower after this one!!! !!!

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