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Long Haired Cage Fight Brawl

Iron Belles

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April Hunter is at it again boasting how great she is but this time she has her hands full. Brazilian WildKatt Monica Martin is in the cage stretching her awesome, ripped and muscular physique when in walks April tooting her stuff and talking her trash. Well Monica is just not in the mood for this today so the women go at it from the start, pulling each others' hair, trampling around on the mats, banging themselves against the cage, painful wrestling holds and so much more . . . ah wow! What more could you ask for in a match like this . . . two drop dead gorgeous women going at each other! Guys hold your seats down . . your are in for quite the rumble here!!!

April has got Monica down on the ground in a very tight boston crab, hair pulling, Monica is in great pain now. Just when April thinks she has Monica at her worst, boom monica kicks april off of her and throws her against the cage in a choke hold fondling her breasts, pulling april's humongeous boobies out for the world to see and then tosses poor april down to the ground where she proceeds to jump on top of her in a school boy pin with pelvic thrusts and more breast fondling. But wait, it's not over til the fat lady sings . . . april is back on top of Monica in a very painful arm bar threatening to dislocate monica's shoulder only to have monica retaliate. These women are awesome together! Ya just gotta see them play off each other. . . it's incredible!!!

You won't wanna miss this exciting action between topless and big boobied April Hunterand her counter opponent Monica Martin as they finish off their Cat Fighting Cage fight.Both women are heated up now and counter attacking from one moment to the other . . . awesome holds and takedowns that we are sure you won't wanna miss. Plus they are both such dazzling beauties.!!

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