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Debra D'Andrea and Laura Carolan together in a sensual encounter for the very first time. You sure do NOT wanna miss this one! Laura is "ripped" having just won the Toronto Pro competition and getting ready for the Flight of the Phoenix in 5 weeks is displaying her magnificent muscles to Debra who is a Muscle Worshipper but also a very incredible Muscle Girl herself!

Debra has brought over an outfit for laura for her competition but cannot just leave. She is enamored with Laura's physique and just has to stay and have fun! Watch the magic between these two women commence!

Deb is sensational in breaking in Laura to her Sexual and Erotic ways! Deb stips down Laura and then strips herself down, humps all over Laura, it's clit to clit and tit to tit and wow! Ya just gotta watch to enjoy this erotic girl/girl action!!!

The REAL sensual erotic stuff is happening between Debra D'Andrea and Laura Carolan now. Both women are on the bed and Debra is humping away on top of Laura like no one else can do! She continually goes down on Laura and then humps away, you see Debra is a tru Nymphomaniac! Then it's up close clit to clit that we are sure you do not wanna miss! Finally Debra dresses Laura in the outfit she brought for her and asks her to pose for her. Debra then performs her final Muscle Worship on Laura before bidding Adieu!!!

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