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Peak Princess Michelle Russell HD

Iron Belles

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Cum join a workout with Michelle Russell, newcomer to videos on the scene. She is thick, big and reminds us a little of Tina Lockwood. This woman has some incredibly peaked biceps and now you can see just how she got them! She starts with benching and then flexing her thick pecs for you, bouncing them, incredible! Then it's to her biceps as she does some preacher curls on a bench, slow and deliberate, to feel every rep and pump!

This is Michelle's finale of her Gym Lifting and introducing herself to all of you Muscle Lovers! Watch her complette her Arm workout and do some posing of the most incredibly peaked biceps we have ever seen! I would swear she has a baseball in there!. Then she does some leg Extensions where her quads are exploding from her thighs! Followed by some leg pressing and her showing off her massive quads for you. Wrapping up the workout is some Pec flys where you can see her massive thick muscles coming together. She then poses for you in some awesome thick muscle poses that will make you cry out for more!!

Big Thick Muscle Girl in your Bedroom! Who could ask for anything more! Michelle exemplifies the thickest, most peaked biceps and WOW! When she measure them, they are 18"! For Real! Sit back and relax and enjoy her little lingerie show for you as she poses, talks to you and measures her enormouse biceps!!

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