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Ever wanna learn to wrestling in a ring and do some Pro moves as well as regular ones/ Well, this poor lad just contracted with Sherry Stuns as his teacher, not knowing what is in store for him. Sherry enters the ring in a see-through fishnet outfit which exposes her humongeous Tits and wearing pantyhose That is not what a wrestling teacher is suppossed to wear! Watch and she tries to teach her pupil a move or two before she too gets soooo excited she cannot contain herself!!

Sherry Stuns is one kinky wrestling teacher! She is showing her pupil some wrestling holds and she is topless and wearing pantyhose. Can you believe having a teacher like that. She has performed some front and reverse head scissors on him and then some beat downs and now she has just knocked him out!

She loves to have her way with knock outs! Just sit back and see what she does! UnReal! Sherry Stuns is the Kinky Wrestling Teacher and just loves to have her way with her pupils when she knocks them out! Well, in this 3rd part of this video, she is at it again, and scissoring knockouts and then when her student decides he has had enough, he tries to crawl out of the ring, but Sherry just goes after him and places a brutal headlock on him . . . I'm sure you know what happens after that!!

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