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Strap On Workout I

by Goddess Heather Videos

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Muscular fitness model Devon Michaels is in training for a national fitness competition and stops by Goddess Heather's for some pre-contest advice. Goddess Heather is going to give Devon some bodybuilding pointers to help her get ready for the fitness contest. No sooner does Devon arrive than she strips out of her warm-up outfit to reveal her lean tight, muscular body clad only in the skimpiest of string bikinis. After physically picking Devon up in her arms and doing several bicep curls with her body Goddess Heather puts Devon over her shoulder and carries her upstairs to her private gym.

Once in the gym these two bikini clad muscle Goddesses set to work pumping iron, working out on the universal gym, flexing their muscles and practicing muscle poses. It soon becomes quite apparent that Goddess Heather has more interest on getting her hands on Devon's muscular body than in continuing their workout. Goddess Heather suggests she give Devon a soothing massage and the girls quickly head to the bedroom.

These girls are on the bed and out of their bikinis in record time revealing their beautiful muscular bodies, large breasts and shaved pussies. Goddess Heather rubs oil onto Devon's tanned and toned body paying particular attention to her ass, thighs and feet. Once Goddess Heather starts massaging Devon's breasts she can no longer control her self and starts kissing and sucking on Devon's perfect little nipples. Goddess Heather then pulls a vibrator out of her nightstand and its party time for these two muscular beauties. Devon starts the action by placing the vibrator against Goddess Heather's huge pierced clit and ten gold pussy rings. Not only does this look incredible but the sound of all those rings bouncing off of and dancing against the vibrator is just unbelievably hot! Soon Devon is licking and sucking on Goddess Heather's pierced clit as she fucks her with the vibrator. Goddess Heather then pulls out a different vibrator and proceeds to return the favor by eating and fucking Devon's wet pussy. The passion escalates and faster than you can say “multiple orgasms” the two girls are sharing a long black double ended dildo. Pussy to pussy hey put their muscular bodies to work pumping themselves full of hard rubber cock. Orgasm follows orgasm until eventually the girls stop fucking, slide off their double ender and Goddess Heather pulls her strap-on from out of the night stand. Soon Devon is on her hands and knees sucking and licking Goddess Heather's strap-on rubber cock and balls. Hard strap-on action ensues with Devon getting fucked in several different positions. Exhausted and satisfied the girls share a passionate kiss and drift off to sleep in each others arms to dream of their next strap-on workout.

(62 min - 220 megs 2 parts)

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