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Anal Ecstasy

by Swankyville

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Lili craves Trixie's ass... bad. But the young nymph coyly plays hard to get, driving Lili insane with desire. Finally, when she can't stand it anymore, Lili forcefully grabs the little tease's beckoning cheeks, harshly kneading them, then spanking her 'til they turn deliciously rosy. Trixie ultimately gives her what she wants, straddling Lili and smothering her face with her dripping crotch, and the older female goes to town with erotic slurping action like you've never heard. Eating Trixie, however, only serves to double her passion. There is only one way to extinguish the fire. "Fuck me in the ass," she begs. A shriek can be heard as the head of a black dildo slips past her sphincter into her rectum. YOU count the number of orgasms she has as Trixie thrusts the organ deeper while servicing her clit. You may lose count, 'cause you too will be spent!

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