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Nichole's Cigarette Show

by Swankyville

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Nichole has platinum blonde hair, green eyes, a killer body and a sexy German accent. In scene one Nichole puts on lots of red lip gloss. Dressed in black heels, mesh thigh high stockings and fire engine red cocktail dress, Nichole takes super deep drags on her Virginia Slim cigarettes. Nichole models a bikini and an all white lingerie outfit. Very virginal!

Eventually, Nichole ends up nude and caresses her naked German body with a cigarette. Nichole does all types of things with a cigarette. Some things I shouldn't even mention here. In our finale scene, Nichole spreads and does some masturbation. Guys that are into sexy smoking will agree, this is the best smoking video ever made.

(45 minutes - 148 megs)

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