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by MWU

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DJ just never learns. After almost getting killed in the first Mixed Wrestling USA Video, he makes another mistake by insulting the incredibly strong and sexy Andrea Gahan. The account of the match he had on his website was very upsetting to Andrea, giving the impression that HE defeated HER, instead of the other way around! So she decided to get revenge. She set up another match with him, and this time she had a friend there to film it.

She demanded that if she defeated DJ, he would have to release the Video through his website. He reluctantly agreed. As you can imagine, Andrea DESTROYED DJ, with her tree trunk thighs squeezing every ounce of resistance he had until he was putty in her hands. Then the fun began... for Andrea. Minutes of breast smothers and face sitting made DJ wonder if he should ever wrestle women again... or even have the chance to. DJ was afraid to comment on the Video, so we got some comments from Andrea herself on this butt whooping caught on Video:

"DJ is like a typical male, thinking he can get one over on a woman. Well, he learned the hard way that when you're beaten, you'd better admit it, or pay the price! Now, with this Video, everyone can see how I totally annihilated him, and if you're a cocky, arrogant male, the same thing will happen to you if you challenge me. If you don't believe me, see for yourself what I can do to a male opponent."

(40 min - 188 megs)

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