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"Sophie's Erotic Muscle Domination"

Leather & Lace

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See what happens to the Peeping Tom after Sophie does her daily workout! A heart throbbing display of female muscle, oiling her beautiful body then pumping up her sexy biceps and big beautiful breasts. During her routine she was unaware of "Tom" who was watching from the distance enjoying every minute of her steamy routine.

At the end of her workout she invites you to watch when she uses "Tom" as the her human work out bag during her power punching routine. Working his belly over as he moans with each painful punch. Humiliating she has him kiss her sweaty muscles then goes down on one knee she flexes her beautiful biceps on and around his cock and balls which is the only thing that is stiff on his body after she'd brutalized his belly with her intense power punches!

Cutting him loose it is time for Tom to be humiliated further. She makes him worship her feet, kissing her insteps and toes on his hands and knees.

Then a double biceps pose but it is not over yet... Sophie knows Tom has left but she also knows that YOU are watching! In the ring she invites you to join her while she pleasures herself masturbating then climaxing all over the ring ropes and trunbuckle! Want to smell her wet panties and kiss her muscles also?

This video has it all, Oily workout, Sexy Bicep posing, Belly punching, Foot Worship and a Sensual Sweaty Masturbation conclusion. Too bad Tom has left the building! What a great ending.

(44 min - 227 megs)

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