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The Burglar - The Photographer

by Athena 2

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This guy had a bad idea when he decides to burgle Cathy's flat! Running out of her bathroom, she finds him rummaging the flat. When she asks him what he is doing, he innocently replies that the door had been unlocked and he thought he'd pop in for a peep.... Cathy is not a girl who needs to call police or someone else, so she decides to fix the problem by hersel .... Catching him brutally, pulling off his clothes, and then squeezing him with her powerful thighs, choking him over and over... The poor guy couldn't see where the blows were coming from ... She rendered him dizzy over and over ... 25 minutes of gleefull mixed torture.


This dishonest photographer looks more interrested in pawing the models than taking nice shoots...!! CATHY becomes furious and the photo session turns quickly in a fight session ... CATHY is brutal! She applies long, gruelling,tight head scissors... After a long torture the photographer is be put in a cruel strangle hold and has no choice but to sign a big check to the dangerous and furious model!

(45 min - 152 megs - 2 parts)

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