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Kris Luebke vs Wally

by Joan Wise

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In awe of the powerhouse female, Wally and Kris compare muscles, then engage in tests of strength (arm wrestle, leg wrestle), as Kris show her vast physical superiority. Wally then foolishly suggests they wrestle, and Kris uses her massive and powerfl body to immobilize and hurt her smaller challenger, as she pours on the punishment. Lifts, carries, airplane spins, bearhugs, right school boy pins, excruciating body scissors, cradle pins, cross body pins, and even a bow and arrow all serve to convince Wally that Kris is indeed one woman who is far bigger, stronger, and physically superior to him. The final sequece is a must-see, as the amazon applies one tortorous head scissors after another - figure 4, standing, revers head scissors all which leave her victim in a sorry state, and in a state of sem-consciousness. Fans of big, powerful female bodybuilders will certainly enjoy this video.

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