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Bunny the Dominatrix

by Joan Wise

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Burglar Jud shows very poor judgement when he decides to enter Bunny's home. Had he known that Bunny Glamazon is 6' 3" tall, very voluptuous and extremely well-endowed, with the temper of a bobcat and a personality as force- ful and dominant as that of a Kodiak bear, he would have taken the first opportunity to leave town. Catching him red-handed, Bunny makes Jud her property, with all its consequences. He has to strip, and his hands are tied to his back. Bunny uses a vice on Jud's pride and joy, and a whip on other vital parts of his body. She settles her breath-taking butt on his face. This close confrontation with such beauty leaves Jud breathless and very impressed. Bunny's business is domination and she is very good at it.

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