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MuscleWoman of the Year

by Swankyville

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Don't know about you, but this female, to us, virtually defies description. We're freaks for thick black hair, big eyes, full pouting lips, and pectoral peaks that can bust open T-shirts! Want to see her work that chest? Flex it? Maybe you'd prefer to gawk at the gorgeous muscles in her thighs and buttocks, straining and quivering as she squats and stretches? Or hard biceps contracting for your viewing pleasure. It's a private, sexy muscle show by a woman whose outrageous body left us spellbound. Marissa's our choice for the hottest musclebeauty of the year.

Get into her via this video and see if you don't agree!

Added Bonus: Where there's one beautiful female, there usually are others, and we found Marissa's roommate Courtney to be one hell of a turn-on! A definite "hard body" in spite of her lean frame, this fair-haired fox packs a lot of power and refuses to take a back seat to anyone. Watch her stand up to her mega-muscled rival in this sexy roommate scrap!

(58 min - 200 megs - 2 Parts)

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